What happened?  Illnesses, birthdays, more illnesses, and then more birthdays.  And then more illnesses.  Let’s just leave it at that and give you yesterday’s FOTD, which used the Laura Mercier 2012 palette.



The liner is Zoeva’s Magic Moment, which is amazing.  It’s burgundy, waterproof, doesn’t fade, doesn’t crumble, lasts over 12 hours on me and is made in Italy.  All of that for roughly 8€.


Cheeks are Becca Beach Tint.  I’m not sure of the colour, as it’s not printed on the tube and this was a gift from my Secret Santa. 🙂  However, I suspect it’s Guava, based on my research from before.  Whatever it is, it’s a lovely shade of pink with a finish that I adore.  A smell that I adore less, though, so I’ll stick to my other cream blushes after this one is done.



Lips are Bite Rhubarb (the pencil), which I really enjoy.  Very “a little more than MLBB” on my lips.  It’s smooth, not moisturizing but not drying, doesn’t have obvious shimmer particles, and in terms of odor and taste, very neutral.  The only thing I tend to not like about Bite lip products is their smeariness – the bright colours get everywhere.  However this is a subdued colour, and in the cold, dry German winters, it stays put and offers my lips some respite from the weather.

My brows are looking way too dark here, hrm.  That might be the camera contrast, as these pictures were taken with indoor lighting (very yellow) and a flash.    Anyways, I apologize for the bouts of family sickness-induced radio silence.  I definitely am not ready to keep a regular update schedule yet, though.  Maybe when the kids are older.  In the meantime, enjoy derpface! 🙂




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