FOTD Friday: Have a Mythical Dalliance with me!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s FOTD is brought to you by the indie company Fyrinnae, dedicated to making the best formulated indie cosmetics you can get on the web.  Also dedicated to making their wonderfully formulated cosmetics fairly difficult to purchase.

Fyrinnae makes loose pigments and lip products in unique, eye-catching colours.  They’re especially renowned for their eyeshadows, and are slowly gaining notoriety with their lip products as well I believe.  But anyone who’s heard of them knows that their business is built on two major posts: Pixie Epoxy (the first commercial glitter glue ever made specifically for the eyelid) and duochrome eyeshadows.   And today I’m bringing you a FOTD with one of their newer duochrome eyeshadows: the Arcane Magic Exquisite in “Mythical Dalliance.”

FOTDIt’s so hard to capture duochrome colours on camera.  The nature of the colours and the nature of the camera flash / lighting pretty much ensure that you always only ever get one of the colour shifts in your photos.  In this particular set what shows most strongly is the pink glitter in the shadow.

mythical dalliance FOTD

mythical dalliance closeup
I swear, it’s not just pink!

Don’t be fooled though.  This shadow is a real chameleon, and you can see it shifting in broad daylight under ordinary lighting conditions.  I applied it in the morning all over the lid, with a black in the outer 3rd, and it looked decidedly citron yellow gold.  Not the most flattering colour on me, but hey, bumblebee eyes were working for me.  In the afternoon light, when I looked in the mirror I had green-shifting-to-pink eyes, no more hints of the golden-yellow in sight!  And in the evening, I had pink eyes with a slight green shift.  I tried to capture some of it and failed, but I did manage to capture how glittery this eyeshadow really is.  This is not small or subtle, folks.  Don’t be fooled by the title “exquisite.”  No, this is like American Costco Supersized Glitter Overload, which I kind of love.

I did wear it over a black cream base, and blended out the outer edges with a brown cream eyeshadow (Shiseido “Caviar” and “Leather” respectively), mostly to intensify the duochrome effect.  I also used Pixie Epoxy to make sure the fairy farts stayed off of my cheeks.  I really liked the results and I hope you do too!

fyrinnae mythical dalliance
Happy Fairy Fart Friday!

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