The Challenge of Seeding Designs

outdoor kitchen
Our unfinished kitchen doesn’t really look like this. But it sure feels like it!

Hello everyone!  It’s been a busy last week and will continue to be a tough week as my ever-resourceful husband assures me that the Ikea build-it-yourself kitchen we are making right now will be done “this week.”  (He said that last week too.)  To be fair it’s coming along well, but also to be fair I haven’t had time to muster more than a few bad drafts of articles I don’t want to publish yet on the blog.  Therefore, it’s Throwback Tuesday with an older challenge!  (This is not a thing.)

The challenge I did this time was not one given to me by anyone else, rather, an idea I came up with for myself after someone pointed out the Design Seeds website.  They’re a company that takes excellent photographs – self-created or donated – and creates custom colour palettes out of them.  Naturally this appeals to both the environmentalist and the artist in me.  In terms of makeup and colour theory, this means nearly every palette created is going to be harmonious in some form, as these are all colours quite literally found in nature.  As per their terms of fair use under a creative commons license, I’m not officially allowed to call this a “Design S**** Challenge” on the blog, hence the post title.  I am, however, allowed to show you guys the breathtaking photo and palette combination that inspired me to challenge myself to recreate it on my face:

Design Seeds
Heron Hues

Isn’t that gorgeous?  This particular palette was named “Heron Hues.”  It’s also not a collection of colours I would normally pull to wear on my face, but since they come together so seamlessly in the photo, I thought it was definitely doable.  And therefore, a challenge, only somewhat out of my comfort zone.  This is what I ultimately did with those colours:

Heron HuesI was and still am exceedingly pleased with the way it turned out – a lot more wearable than I thought it would be!  I also captured the products I used to make it.  Seeing this productsimage makes me laugh a bit, because I finished / threw away many of the things featured in it since then.  Farewell, Catrice Ultimate Shine in “Fox Nox,” you are sorely missed!   Also, the usual “most of it has been discontinued” disclaimers apply.  Actually, upon looking even more closely, EVERY SINGLE ITEM in this challenge was discontinued with the exception of one small Catrice mono eyeshadow in the back, named “Oops, Nude Did It Again!”  Yarrr.  Well, it’s a good browbone highlight on NC25 and a good blendout or all over lid shade on anyone lighter, so I highly recommend it if you need one!

Here’s another shot of my face, this time with cheeks.  I love the subtlety of this peachy cream blush (p2 “Cinderella Drama”) on my cheeks, though the camera does wash it out.  It doesn’t swatch nearly as nicely as it spreads on my face; when I put it on my arm, it almost looks too pale for my skin tone.  But on my face, it has the magical properties of warming up my cheeks without overwhelming my other makeup.

challengeAnd one more shot head-on with my glasses.  And some nice flashback from my sunscreen.

heron hues challengeWell, I hope you enjoyed this challenge.  I sure did.  And I think I should recreate this look sometime, actually.  It was fun and it’s the perfect transitional season for it right now, too.  I highly recommend visiting the Design Seeds website and looking for some palette inspiration yourself, if you feel like you’re in a makeup rut.  Or you just love beautiful photography.  Or you’re in the midst of interior decorating.  Oh, whatever, just give them a visit.  It’s relaxing!


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