FOTD Friday: Potato Festivals with Guerlain!

it's friday
I’m a fan of Lost, OK?

Ah, another Friday arrives, and it couldn’t have come sooner.  Well, I don’t know that for sure, this post is scheduled so I’m still suffering through Monday at the time of this writing.  But I can already tell that I’m going to like Friday better!

This FOTD is actually from Saturday, when my children’s preschool hosted a fundraiser they titled their “Potato Festival.”   This was an event in which parents were asked to make a dish featuring potatoes, donate it to the communal buffet table, and then buy back a few servings of said dish to serve to your ravenous children before they ran off to play potato-themed games with each other.  I did get looped into doing almost every single game with either one of my kids, incidentally, sometimes twice.  And you know, nothing says classy like doing a potato sack race in Guerlain, so that’s exactly what I did!


Note, I did actually change my shirt into a gold-buttoned leopard-print thing after these photos, to complete the illusion that I actually know how to dress myself.  These were just pre-potato-casserole images.


Guerlain Les Fauves
Guerlain Les Fauves

On my eyes, I decided to wear Guerlain’s “Les Fauves” eyeshadow quad – you may still be able to find this straggling around somewhere, but I’m pretty sure it’s currently on its way to being discontinued.  It’s a lovely rust-red quad with unusually good textures for Guerlain eyeshadows, which tend to run on the dry and powdery side.  This would of course suit someone with hazel or green eyes so much better than it does me, but I can’t really be bothered with what looks more or less flattering on me when I simply love the actual colour of these eyeshadows themselves.  In fact I loved them so much I wore all four for this look – top middle as a wash, coral as a pop of colour above my iris, the far right as a lower lash line shade and the far left in the outer third and orbital rim, blended out.

eyeshadowTo further make this a Guerlain face, I also used Guerlain Rouge G in the shade “Garance” on my lips.  It’s my favourite “nude” lipstick, mostly because it’s not very nude on me at all.  But real nude lipsticks make me look vaguely corpse-like and are generally unflattering, so this very understated lip-colourish shade does very well for me as my go-to “nude.”

2015_173dAnd just because I’m contrary, almost the rest of my face with the exception of my mascara and brows (Esteé Lauder “Sumptuous Extreme” and Shiseido brow powder, respectively) are drugstore products.  I used Sleek’s “Honour” blush to contour my non-existent cheek hollows, for that extra oomph, and I added a little bit of Sleek “Suede” blush on top for some warmth.  Then I toned down that warmth with a shimmering pink-gold highlighter from Catrice (“Fairy Dust,” long discontinued) on the tops of my cheekbones and my temples.

Then I stepped back, looked at my face, said “Ah well, might as well go the distance” and slapped on a layer of my (now discontinued) Guerlain Meteorites powder in “Teint Beige.”  Because Guerlain.

All of this was really unnecessary, as most of the day was spent playing with my kids, smearing fried potato grease all over my hands and leopard print shirt, then covering that grease with a layer of sand and sweat from the many sandbox-and-lawn games we played right after.  I think it was worth it.  And a worthy use of my Guerlain products.  After all, it made my kids happy too, right?

And just as a follow-up from Tuesday’s post, this is what happened later that evening.

An evening dog walk with Revlon Fire and Ice.


    • Hehe, well, they cry out to be ravished, you know. Although they’ve been crying more quietly ever since I heard the main line was being discontinued and replaced with new quads. I have to work on getting over that, the “use it sparingly because you’re not getting it again!” feeling. Especially since I don’t need to / don’t believe in backing up anymore.


      • OMG, I made such a mistake in my comment, a mistake I always point out people shouldn’t be making D: I wish I could delete my comment and write it again *becomes more beetrooty than ever*

        If they are d/c stuff, no more temptation though?;)


      • I see no mistake! But if you want, I can start grafing this blog, hehe. 10 points from… uh. What are you, Ravenclaw? Choose a house, LOL!

        I have to say my temptation to run out and get Bois de Rose while it’s still around died abruptly when I managed to get my hands on the long-discontinued Turandot instead. Great textures and colours much more suited to me! I should do a FOTD Friday with it sometime 😀


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