FOTD Fridays?

no idea what I'm doing
I’ve decided memes are fair game. Also, I swear a lot. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum here, but don’t get me wrong. F-bombs drop in my world.

I’m still struggling with what direction to take this blog in.  There’s the embarrassment factor to posting my face here ALL THE TIME, versus the obvious question: how in the heck are you going to talk about makeup without showing any of it – you know,  like on your face.  A happy medium that I think I may settle on is “Face of the day Friday” posts. Because alliteration with an acronym is awesome.  And also because it forces me to think creatively for articles and actually write for the Tuesday post while still giving me time to recover from Toddlermoming.  (You really can do that in German, mash a bunch of words together and call it one real, grammatically acceptable, usable word.)  Twice a week is more than often enough to update this thing, considering how freaking insane my schedule has been trying to work three posts into this blog this week alone.

Anyway, in my beautysphere a self-portrait is called a “Face of the Day” or “FOTD” for short. I’m going to run with that for ease, but I’d like to take a moment of time to explain why I prefer to think of them as “self-portraits” no matter how glib I get about posting them.

Some very, very, very old fan art of mine. (“Snapdragon” from David Mack’s “Kabuki” comics). It also bears some resemblance to my less-successful “FOTDs.”

In fast-moving social media, where acronyms which can shorten verbosity rule supreme, a FOTD is a quick pictorial version of an acronym of your face.  It can be critiqued or  complimented and at the end of the day is washed off and quickly forgotten.  As I’ve said before, I like my bare face and spent the majority of my life not wearing any makeup at all.  What I did do with my life is make a conscious decision to leave my career path as a graphic designer in the USA to become a full-time mother in Germany.  I did try to hold on to my creative streak at first, but after my children arrived the possibility of creating traditional works of art shrivelled up and died.  There were days when I had to choose between eating and bathing because doing both was not an option; using computers was a thing of the past until the iPad came along.

That burden has been lessened significantly now, as evidenced by this blog, but one thing was born from that time in my life was a need to paint.  My face, since that’s all that I had the time and opportunity for.  But I don’t see my “FOTD” as an acronym for what I’ve decided to do with my life, even being unemployed.  I don’t really put on makeup for public consumption, although it makes me happy if the public likes what I did that day.  I paint my face because I want, I need, to create something in order to be happy.  I always have and always will feel the need to create something.  I have enough self-awareness to know that doing extremely obtuse, artistic makeup  applications would prove a huge social disadvantage to my family, particularly my children.  But I can’t stop myself from wearing red lipstick no matter how many disapproving glares it gets me in my conservative small-town home.  Makeup is a way of maintaining my sense of self; in the past, sometimes it seemed like the only way.  That’s why I love it so much.

Well alright, enough nattering.  This is my FOTD from yesterday.


givenchy rose dentelle
Givenchy Rose Dentelle

I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that I absolutely despise the scent of Givenchy’s Le Rouge lipstick.  This one is called “Rose Dentelle” and was a gift to me from a friend, and the colour is truly beautiful and unique.  It looks very coral in the photo to the left, which was taken in indirect sunlight.  Worn, it retains traces of this warm, soft coral feeling as well, which is rare since my lips tend to make almost every shade look cooler against my skin than they actually are.  But there’s enough pink present in it to make you think “rose” when you see it straight on.  So, more of a warmed rosy pink than a coral in practice.  The smell of this lipstick is also truly unique, though not in a positive way.  I first guessed it was “petroleum riding on top of flower petals,” whereas my husband disagreed and called it “paraffin.”  We both agreed on “unpleasant.”  It’s also a little bit drying, which is completely unacceptable in a lipstick of this price class.  So I guess that’s a mini review, if you have a nose or chapped lips, stay away from Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks.  You can do better for your money, whether drugstore or high-end products.

I also used other things on my face!  It’s a rare day that I take shots of point (colour) products used on a FOTD, but we had sunlight, so I thought why not.  Spotted in here is the Sleek “Matte v2” palette again, which has been growing on me by leaps and bounds since the Instagram challenge.  It’s chock full of fall shades that play nicely with the huge amount of neutral shimmer lid washes I own, making my neutral eyes a little less boring to wear.  And yet subtle enough to not take away from the impact of my lipsticks, which I 2015_171cwant to be noticed first.  In the depot lineup there’s a nearly-empty Too Faced “Tufted Suede” pan.  This is an act of love because I don’t like Too Faced eyeshadow textures.  Then an Inglot matte trio pan, also an act of love to pan because it’s in the right shade for me, but terribly powdery.  Center is the disappointingly discontinued Catrice “It’s Oh So Toffee-ful!” shade, which was the best eyeshadow Catrice ever made if you ask me.  Next to that is my brow highlight, Catrice “Get the Nudes Paper” and at the far right we have my tightlining shade, MAC “Carbon.”  Going round the circle is the Givenchy lipstick, my old discontinued Guerlain meteorites in “Teint Beige,” an essence blush in “Babydoll,” a discontinued p2 bronzer from their “Get the Glow” limited edition of last summer, and finally a discontinued pan of essence’s limited edition highlighter, “Bella’s Secret.”  All of my makeup looks like this, incidentally.  I’m a user, not a collector, so I have things from all price ranges in my collection and I mix them shamelessly.

I was really happy with the way my face turned out this morning, and when that happens, it sets the tone for the rest of my day.  So, I hope you enjoyed sharing my happiness.  Critique is welcome if you have any too, it’s always open season in this blog.  Well, but make sure it’s constructive critique, don’t just pan my features.  It’s my face after all!  Happy Friday.




  1. I normally lurk on MUB/blogs but I wanted to say your makeup is flawless! I wish I was as artistically inclined so I could produce such awesome results.

    Teach me your ways. Please. :3

    So excited for more FOTD’s!


    • Heya! It’s not flawless, I actually started learning how to apply it properly at 32, LOL. The Makeupalley boards are exactly the place where I learned everything I know today too, so you’re in good hands there. 😉 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I started it to try and get up to date on computing stuff, not really to blog. But, seems a lot of people like looking at my FOTDs on MUA, so I thought why not? I regularly delete my images on the other website, so here is a bit more semi-permanent. Semi, because I don’t plan on upgrading my plan if I run out of space, haha.


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